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new moon bath

if you’ve ever wanted to become in tune with the moon, a great place to begin is a new or full moon bath. you can use items found in your kitchen

•sea salt or pink himalayan salt- pink himalayan salt has over 75 nutrients to replenish your skin and body. this mineral has a high inner(g) vibration and shares some of the same healing properties as the pink crystal rose quartz. pure salt is used for purification, cleansing and dispelling negativity.

•baking soda- will alkalize your bath & soften your skin

•essential oils


.lemon-defends the body against infection.

.peppermint-powerful stress reliever

.lemongrass-mood lifting and soothing


•apple cider vinegar-used to restore the body’s natural ph balance, rid the body of odor & soothe the skin.

•epsom salt- helps our muscles and organs to relax and release toxins

here is a beginners recipe for a new moon bath

•a handful of pink Himalayan salt

•1/2 cup of baking soda

•6 drops of lavender oil

•6 drops of rose oil

•light a candle

•turn of the light

•light a candle

stay as long as you like🕯🕊🌙🌔

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