clear quartz polished stone

clear quartz polished stone

clarity • manifestation • illumination

clear quartz is the most powerful healing and inner(g) amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical crystalline form.  this crystal works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific inner(g) requirements of the person needing the healing or undertaking spiritual work. quartz is THE BEST stone for manifesting realities, programming intentions or amplifying inner(g)ies.once you program or set your intention for your stone, it will constantly put your intention out into the universe, even when you are not thinking about it. if you’re facing a tough decision or fork in the road, work with this stone to illuminate and understand your true path. clear quartz’s chakra-clearing powers also help align your head and your heart so you can move forward with full confidence in any situation. quartz points have different shapes according to how fast they formed and cant be deeply significant depending on what you are using your crystal for. 


your stone will be intuitively chosen for you




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